Winning Schools

After great deliberation the information below outlines what we think is the fairest way to allocate the seven wonderful prizes on offer. Unfortunately we were unable to establish a clear set of rules prior to the project starting because the prizes were yet to be secured. It is a pity that each school could not receive a prize for their wonderful work, but you have all helped to create a priceless teaching resource.

Prize Divisions
Division One: Schools with less than 250 students

Division Two: Schools with 250 or more but less than 500 students

Division Three: Schools with 500 or more but less than 750 students

Division Four: Schools with 750 or more but less than 1000 students

Division Five: Schools with 1000 or more students

Division Six: Special Prizes - see below

Division Winners (greatest % of Year 8-12 students who submitted)

Heritage College (100%)
Digital Camera
St Peters Collegiate Girls School (86.1%)
Digital Camera
St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls (89%)
Colour Printer
Xavier College (87.5%)
Laptop Computer
Unley High School (68%)
Colour Printer

Special Prize Winners

The OLM (Objective Learning Materials) Prize for an outstanding effort

One single user copy of Fathom (kindly donated by OLM)- Modbury High School

The AAMT Prize for an outstanding effort

One single user copy of AutoGraph (kindly donated by AAMT)- Hallett Cove R-12 School.