Preliminary Analysis

What follows is a simple analysis of the data from all of the 21 000+ respondents (the population) for a few of the questions in the census. Remember we ask that you treat our 21 000+ as a population, and so, some population parameters are being released.

It may or may not be appropriate to treat the 21 000+ as a sample of all school students in South Australia. The 21 000+ may or may not be a representative sample, for instance 48.9% of the 21 000+ were students from private schools. No effort was made to make the respondents a representative group. Hence the results given below may or may not reflect the gereral situation of South Australian school students.

We have the following interesting 'population' results to offer at this stage:

The purpose of releasing this analysis is to provide teachers with the information required to provide good learning experiences in such areas as confidence intervals for means and proportions - see the learning materials provided.

Much remains for you to discover about the population - we invite you to

More parameters will be released later in the year.