The SA 2003 project was an amazing success. The website has now had over
40 000 hits (in less than 12 months).

Below are just a few testimonials from the hundreds of teachers who have used this learning resource.

"...the Australian Science and Mathematics School made extensive use of the 2003 census with every student participating in the data collection phase and then, at a later stage, every student undertaking a significant project requiring the use of the data from the census. The students found the census data on their fellow students in SA (and beyond) of great interest and many went well beyond the set tasks ........... As a teacher I appreciate the way in which you have restricted the size of the samples that students can take - thus enabling us to practise our estimation of population parameters .........

Keep up the good work - the census is the best statistics teaching resource currently available to schools.
Vern Treilibs
Mathematics Co-ordinator

"The year 12s and staff at TVCS found the data from Census-on-line a most useful resource in 2003. We used the information to gather samples and make statistical analyses before population results were released. Students were enthused since they knew that the data included their personal information. However we revisited the site after the population data was released and students were asked to carry out some more analyses on questions where I knew results were published. This generated even more discussion as students compared sample and population data immediately, looking at reasons for similarities and divergences. Thank you for all your efforts to facilitate this website."
Malcolm Schumann
Torrens Valley Christian School.

"The students really enjoyed this DI and appreciated the power of the technology to provide real data at ones finger tips. As they contributed to the data base by putting in their student information earlier in the year they were able to understand that the data was from real people like themselves. The concepts associated with statistics like sample means etc were I feel more easily understood. The students were very positive and appreciated the learning experience. One said maths can be interesting and not always boring."
David Sonntag
Coomandook Area School.

"Censusonline has been vary useful. Not only for project in year 12 Studies, but also it is getting plenty of use with our year 11 maths - both pure and applications. one really importany aspect is its user friendly!!"
James Grant
Sacred Heart College (Senior School)