>$11 000 worth of rewards

To add to the fun, we are able to provide some 'rewards for the workers',
over $11 000 worth. We sincerely thank:

CASIO, ABACUS and Autograph

for their very generous support to this project. The major reward will be won by a registered school drawn at random from all registered schools. Each of the 'other' 6 rewards will be won by six individual registered school drawn at random from each school size category (2 schools per size category).

Major reward
One computer, one Casio computer projector and one Autograph 3 single user licence. Total value over $6000.

The computer projector is the latest from Casio, the XJ-350. Main features are: Brightness: 2200 ANSI LUMENS, DLP Technology, Zoom: 2X Optical, Weight: 1.8kg, Contrast: 1000:1, Resolution: True XGA, Auto Keystone Correction, A5 folder size.

The computer has a 2GHz Intel Celeron processor, 256mb ram, 40GB hard drive, sound card, network card, floppy drive, CD burner and 17" monitor. Photo not of the actual computer.


Other rewards
Autograph mathematics teaching and learning software. Total value over $3000.

Three CASIO ClassPad 300 OHP units. Total value over $2000.

The Casio ClassPad 300 is the latest tool for mathematics. It has an interface like no other tool and as well as all the normal Œgraphic calculatorı features, this tool has a dynamic geometry package and a CAS on board. These are the OHP versions so you will be able to use them to aid your daily teaching.
Photo of handheld, non-OHP device.