Prizes - from A&R Computers
Three great prizes were on offer to students

Win this sensational 15.1 inch Omni LCD flat screen. Your gaming sessions or DVD viewing will never be the same again. Approximate value - $650

Win this sensational 6 piece Altec Lansing gaming/desktop theatre sound system - approxiamte value $290

Win this Sony CD burner - approximate value $150

We thank A&R Computers for their most generous support of this project.

These prizes will be won by three different individual students who take part in census. When you submit your census form your will recieve a receipt number that is unique to you. Be sure to print the receipt number out so you are in the running to win a prize, no receipt - no prize. We will keep drawing until we find a winner.

To collect the prize you will need to have an authentic print out of your receipt number from the goVote website which can only occur when you submit your census form.